Mission to Mars

Earth is dying. Our last chance to start again is on Mars.
What can't you live without?

The value of art equals the strength of the community behind it

That's why we want to make our first collection

accessible to all like-minded people

and take off together to Mars and beyond.

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The Story

2069: The planet is on the verge of collapse. The yet unknown Daidalos company is sending explorers into space with the first destination on Mars to build a sanctuary for humanity and to preserve human culture before it's too late.

How does it work?

A pair of dedicated Daidalos employees doomed to perish on the decaying Earth seize their last moments to scan various objects and send their data to a base on Mars.


The photographs in our collection document the first 99 successful attempts to recreate these objects on the Red Planet.

From Nerds to NERDS

In our spare time, we like to study crypto and play video games, the opportunity to combine these hobbies with our biggest passion – photography – is a dream come true. To create something unique that connects us with other like-minded people is what this project is about. Our goal is to create a strong community that will be directly involved in our mission, so we can conquer Mars together and then expand to other planets as well.


Level 1

Giving back to the crew

We'll be giving away some MTM nft's to the first members of our crew and our fans.
Feeling at home yet? Good. Cause things are starting to really take off here!

Level 2

Selected crew members will be able to choose which item they wish to keep

We will draw a few lucky winners from the owners of MTM collection on social media who will be able to directly contribute to the expansion of the collection. Will you choose something useful for our mission or just selfishly pick your favorite pillow or something good to eat?

Level 3

We create Daidalos inspired merchandise that you can proudly wear

We will be the most stylish crew in the galaxy. At least until the mars ants kill us all. Which definitely won´t happen. Unless they smell honey. Nobody bring honey in here, for God's sake!





Loves to spend his free time gaming. He got all his best ideas after playing btw.




Obsessed with self-development, cryptocurrencies and collecting pretty JPEGs of blockchain animals.




Although she is not a dedicated gamer, gaming has not passed her by. Now it's up to her to coordinate the project and keep an eye on Laura so she doesn't cause a data transfer disaster.




The newest member of the crew who never loses her zeal. She oversees the supply and visual preparation of the items being sent.




As the youngest member of the expedition, she is just discovering her talents. Always ready to sample new food that is being sent to Mars.

Behind the Scenes

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